KopaGas Tanzania

KopaGas is a distributor of LPG cooking-gas canisters targeting low-income households in urban areas leveraging an innovative technology-leveraged pay-as-you-go model.

Urban households in East Africa’s major cities are the largest drivers of charcoal usage with major damaging affects on the region’s forests, soils, eco-systems and the livelihoods of rural communities. KopaGas’ use of a flow-meter enables users to buy LPG canisters and pay for the usage in small increments (“Pay-as-you-Go”), removing the need for a significant financial outlay at the beginning for a full canister. This makes cooking on LPG possible for many low-income households, giving them access to a cheaper, better/quicker and cleaner cooking method.


In 2020 HRSV exited KopaGas through a sale of the company to CircleGas. With the acquisition, the KopaGas team succeeded to position its technology to have large scale impact in Tanzania and beyond in the years to come. HRSV achieved a financial return on its investment.



HRSV Investment details
Year of first investment2018
Total current investment€175,000
Type of investmentEquity
ImpactJob creation, reduce deforestation, improved sanitation and environmental hygiene.