Lower Moshi Cattle Company

The Lower Moshi Cattle Company (LMCC) is a start-up livestock business in rural northern Tanzania working with pastoralist communities to improve local herds and livestock practices to benefit the environment.

Soils and pastures in East Africa are degrading at alarming rates as a result of a range of harmful practices including overgrazing and excessive tree cutting. Keeping livestock is very closely intertwined with the identities and cultures of many pastoralist communities and changing livestock practices is a slow and difficult process. LMCC seeks to offer individuals and communities the opportunity to access better breeds of cows and facilitate a shift toward more sustainable practices, while improving the economic value of their herds.

HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2018
Total current investment€40,000
Type of investmentEquity
ImpactJob creation, better livestock keeping practices, improve livelihoods of pastoralists, access to nutritional animal products.