NatureLock (Kenya)

A significant percentage of the value of agricultural produce is lost through inefficiencies in the value chain. NatureLock’s new, modular technology to preserve fresh produce (and other agricultural dairy and meat products) makes it possible to maximize the utilization of produced farm products, extend the shelf-life of products while maintain full nutritional value and natural taste. This increases small-holder farmers’ ability to sell more of what they produce and increase their income. 

Furthermore, NatureLock’s process is cost-effective and targets the mass-market in Kenya (and beyond) by focusing on local staple foods and favorites, providing healthy alternatives to less nutritional easy-to-prepare products currently available in the market.


HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2020
Total current investment€ 745,000
Type of investmentEquity
ImpactJob creation, develop local food manufacturing, increase in income earning capacity for smallholder farmers, access to natural and nutritional consumer food products.