BioBuu Ltd

Biobuu, Kenya/Tanzania

The production of protein for animal feed comes at a great environmental cost. The demand for protein contributes to the depletion of critical resources both in our oceans and on land through overfishing and conversion of naturally diverse ecosystems to (mono) agriculture.

Across operations in Kenya and Tanzania, Biobuu Limited breeds, grows and processes Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia ilucens) into protein for the use in animal feed. The Black soldier fly is an insect native to Africa that as a larvae can consume as much as 70% of its own body weight in agricultural waste every day. Every kilogram of organic waste consumed by the flies is converted into 50 grams of protein, making the Black soldier fly the most efficient protein converters in the world. From waste to value.


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HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2021
Total current investment€ 90,000
Type of investmentConvertible debt
ImpactJob creation, the development of manufacturing capacity, environmentally sustainable production.