Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania is an innovative conservation organisation. Carbon Tanzania’s primary business focus is to provide unique skills and interventions that lead to the production and delivery to market of forest-based carbon offsets. These offsets are generated through the actions of local Tanzanian communities conserving and managing their indigenous trees and forests. Avoidance of deforestation is crucial to any local and global climate change mitigation strategy.

Innovative approach

Central to Carbon Tanzania’s innovative conservation approach is a fundamental respect for local community land rights; this approach generates significant and sustained local economic benefits that incentivise and enable communities to conserve their immediate environment on which their way of life depends. It simultaneously contributes to preserving their traditional way of life and affords local communities increased options for how they manage their land. Carbon Tanzania is a market leader in providing forest-based offsets to the Tanzanian tourism sector, as well as supplying an increasing number of offsets to the global voluntary carbon market.

HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2015
Total current investment€150,000
Type of investmentDebt and Equity
ImpactJob creation, increased earning capacity for hunting & gathering communities, financing of community education and health care solutions, avoidance of deforestation, climate change mitigation.