FarmMoja, Kenya

Farmers in rural Kenya have historically grown low-value food crops and cash crops whose returns continue to dwindle in local and international markets. This has an adverse impact on incomes, food security and living standards, especially for rural women and youth. Broken and captive value-chains, ever-shrinking farm sizes, and climate-change related shocks are making this dire situation even worse. 

FarmMoja is focused on developing integrated and inclusive value chains for crops that sustainably transform agriculture for rural farmers, the planet, and profit. To achieve this, FarmMoja is empowering smallholder farmers to adopt and sustainably grow high-value, climate-resilient crops that positively impact their incomes and the environment. They offer a mix of affordable, high-quality inputs such as seedlings from its own nurseries, dedicated technical support, and guaranteed markets through FarmMoja’s processing facilities. FarmMoja’s focus is on avocados, herbs, blueberries and macadamia nuts, which have unmet demand for traceable, high-quality and ethically grown options across the world.


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HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2022
Total current investment€ 91,000
Type of investmentConvertible Debt
ImpactJob creation, Income generation for small-holder farmers, the development of processing/value addition capacity, environmentally sustainable production.