ForestFoods, Kenya

ForestFoods are the pioneers of a novel regenerative farming practice called Syntropic Agroforestry in the Kenyan landscape. ForestFoods combine a wide variety of indigenous and commercial produce to recreate natural biodiversity, replenish soil health, and grow nutrient dense farm fresh produce for Africans by Africans. They employ local Kenyans and train them through a graduation style career path to manage their core farms and in some cases operate their own as outgrowers. The ForestFoods model provides solutions to carbon sequestration, environmental reconstruction, and livelihood improvement all while managing high profitability.


East Africa and the world at large need more workable examples of how regenerative farming can work at scale to supply urban populations with sustainably grown produce.


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HRSV Details investering
Year of first investment2022
Total current investment$ 100.000
Type of investmentConvertible Debt
ImpactJob creation, environmentally sustainable agricultural production