Reliable, safe rural water transport-services in Africa are few and far between. The annual number of fatalities on Lake Victoria alone is estimated to be in the thousands. Since 2010 Globology Limited has been offering safe, secure and reliable services between Kenyan islands and mainland centres on Lake Victoria with multiple daily trips on multiple routes.

As of mid- 2017, Globology will be operating a fleet of four vessels in the Kenyan and Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria, connecting lake islands to the mainland, providing these island communities with multiple connections each day to the mainland. The lake is the size of Switzerland and home to approximately 650,000 people scattered around 3,000+ islands.

Globology’s modern fast ferries remove the ordeal of women, children, the elderly and the sick who are currently forced to use open, leaking, canoes with narrow planks for seating. Globology’s ferries have toilets, drinking water, comfortable and well-ventilated covered/indoor seating.

HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2016
Total current investment€540,000
Type of investmentDebt
ImpactJob creation, access to essential transportation services in rural/remote areas, increased economic activity in remote communities, improved access to education and health care services.