Jibu Company 

Jibu Company Ltd, Tanzania

Access to reliably safe drinking water is still a problem in many areas in Tanzania and boiling water at home is time-consuming, expensive and harmful due to smoke and CO2 release. Jibu water is 100% healthy, convenient, and affordable. Jibu water is produced and bottled on location at Jibu franchises. Jibu’s proprietary technology filters and cleans water by reverse osmosis and makes water from wells, springs, lakes and contaminated tap water safe to drink.

Jibu’s franchise model seeks to create hundreds of businesses enabling entrepreneurs to start their own company and creating multiple additional jobs at each location.

HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2018
Total current investment€ 225.000
Type of investmentConvertible debt
ImpactJob creation, increase in income earning capacity for small business owners (franchisees), access to clean drink water.