Kwangu Kwako

Kwangu Kwako Limited enhances and saves lives through providing a safer, healthier and more secure housing alternative to the current widespread mabati (metal sheet) and bush pole shacks. Importantly, the houses are much more fire resistant. Kwangu Kwako improves the quality of life for families living in informal settlements. Their product is a simple, modular precast structure made locally from locally available materials.


Kwangu Kwako’s proposition is different from other attempts to upgrade housing in informal settlements because it benefits all the stakeholders, tenants, the community and also the landlord/investor. Other solutions have failed to gain significant traction because they were not attractive to the major stakeholders who control 86% of the land – the landlords. Kwangu Kwako provides a solution that is attractive to the landlords AND improves housing for the tenants. In addition to this, the landlords themselves will be investing in the solution thereby securing buy-in, self-financing and therefore long term sustainability of the improvement.

HRSV Investment details
Year of first investment2016
Total current investment€135,500
Type of investmentConvertible debt
ImpactJob creation, increased earning capacity for Access to essential housing services for informal settlement dwellers.