Natural Extract Industries

Smallholder farmers throughout Africa struggle to create value from their small farm plots. Natural Extract Industries Limited (NEI) produces premium natural flavours, from ethically sourced and sustainably grown raw materials such as vanilla, orange, coffee and cacao.

This social enterprise partners with and capacitates local farmer groups and cooperatives to ensure consistency and continuity of supply, while ensuring that fair prices are passed back to the farmers. Through better pricing and improving land productivity, smallholder farmers have an opportunity to significantly increase their income. This is particularly evident with vanilla, which does not require new farm land as it can be intercropped on the plots owned by many of the farmers who partner with NEI.

The products are used by commercial kitchens (restaurants and hotels) and home chefs alike, and these are distributed abroad by wholesalers and within East Africa by supermarkets, boutique delis and gift shops.  NEI has been recognized for its quality products, traceable supply chain, sustainable practices, and for providing a good diversification opportunity for international buyers.

HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2016
Total current investment€ 1,400,000
Type of investmentDebt, equity
ImpactJob creation, increase in income earning capacity for smallholder farmers.