Silverleaf Academy

Basic education in Tanzania has suffered from insufficient investment while coping with increasing number of pupils. Tanzania’s population stands at 60 million and remains one of the countries with the fastest population growth in the world. Approximately 50% is younger than 19 and of school-age. Substantial investment in education should remain a national priority for Tanzania, high-quality, affordable private education can help increase academic attainment.

Silverleaf Academy operates two pre-primary and primary schools in Tanzania, with the aim to build a chain of high-performing and affordable schools in the coming years, giving hundreds, if not thousands of children the chance to get access to quality education. Silverleaf Academy deploys an innovative, student-oriented, teacher-led education model that appropriately leverages the use of in-class technology to prepare its pupils for life.


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HRSV Investment details 
Year of first investment2022
Total current investment€90,000
Type of investmentConverible Debt
ImpactEducation, Job creation, Skill development