YYTZ agroprocessing

YYTZ Agro-ProcessingMuch of the value of agricultural cash-crops flees the countries of origin. This is true for cashews too, where the cashew farmers of Tanzania only receive a very small share of the value generated by their crop. Processing, value addition and commercialisation all takes places outside of Tanzania.

YYTZ Agro-Processing as a full service cashew processing company seeks to change this. YYTZ is dedicated to consistently producing high quality cashew nuts by selecting high quality raw cashews from Tanzania, operating modern equipment for processing, maintaining a work environment that exceeds the highest international food standards and sell its own brand worldwide.


HRSV Investment details
Year of first investment2020
Total current investment€ 210.000
Type of investmentConvertible Debt
ImpactJob creation, develop manufacturing, increase in income earning capacity for smallholder farmers.